Westminster Confession, week 10

March 10, 2018

Chapter 6: Of the Fall of Man, of Sin, and the Punishment thereof

1: Our first parents, being seduced by the subtilty and temptations of Satan, sinned, in eating the forbidden fruit.[123] This their sin, God was pleased, according to His wise and holy counsel, to permit, having purposed to order it to His own glory.[124]

2: By this sin they fell from their original righteousness and communion, with God,[125] and so became dead in sin,[126] and wholly defiled in all the parts and faculties of soul and body.[127]

3: They being the root of all mankind, the guilt of this sin was imputed;[128] and the same death in sin, and corrupted nature, conveyed to all their posterity descending from them by ordinary generation.[129]

4: From this original corruption, whereby we are utterly indisposed, disabled, and made opposite to all good,[130] and wholly inclined to all evil,[131] do proceed all actual transgressions.[132]

5: This corruption of nature, during this life, does remain in those that are regenerated;[133] and although it be, through Christ, pardoned, and mortified; yet both itself, and all the motions thereof, are truly and properly sin.[134]

6: Every sin, both original and actual, being a transgression of the righteous law of God, and contrary thereunto,[135] does in its own nature, bring guilt upon the sinner,[136] whereby he is bound over to the wrath of God,[137] and curse of the law,[138] and so made subject to death,[139] with all miseries spiritual,[140] temporal,[141] and eternal.[142]


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