Heidelberg Catechism, Lord’s day 15

April 15, 2018

15. Lord’s Day

Q. 37. What dost thou understand by the words, “He suffered”?
A. That he, all the time that he lived on earth, but especially at the end of his life, sustained in body and soul, the wrath of God against the sins of all mankind: [a] that so by his passion, as the only propitiatory sacrifice, [b] he might redeem our body and soul from everlasting damnation, [c] and obtain for us the favour of God, righteousness and eternal life. [d]

Q. 38. Why did he suffer “under Pontius Pilate, as judge”?
A. That he, being innocent, and yet condemned by a temporal judge, [a] might thereby free us from the severe judgement of God to which we were exposed. [b]

Q. 39. Is there anything more in his being “crucified”, than if he had died some other death?
A. Yes there is; for thereby I am assured, that he took on him the curse which lay upon me; [a] for the death of the cross was accursed of God. [b]


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