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Westminster Confession, Week 36

September 3, 2022

Chapter 21: Of Religious Worship, and the Sabbath Day

7: As it is the law of nature, that, in general, a due proportion of time be set apart for the worship of God; so, in His Word, by a positive, moral, and perpetual commandment binding all men in all ages, He has particularly appointed one day in seven, for a Sabbath, to be kept holy unto him:[437] which, from the beginning of the world to the resurrection of Christ, was the last day of the week: and, from the resurrection of Christ, was changed into the first day of the week,[438] which, in Scripture, is called the Lord’s Day,[439] and is to be continued to the end of the world, as the Christian Sabbath.[440]

8: This Sabbath is then kept holy unto the Lord, when men, after a due preparing of their hearts, and ordering of their common affairs beforehand, do not only observe an holy rest, all the day, from their own works, words, and thoughts about their worldly employments and recreations,[441] but also are taken up, the whole time, in the public and private exercises of His worship, and in the duties of necessity and mercy.[442]