The sources and scripture proofs for these readings were taken from reformed.org, with American revisions as described here and here. The scripture proofs are linked to the online ESV Study Bible.

If you find this reading schedule edifying, you might also be interested in Daily Westminster, which covers just the Westminster Standards in a year. And you can find some resources for SC memorization here and there.

Also, if you want parallel daily Confessional readings in German, head on over to Täglich bekennen!

7 Responses to “About”

  1. Scott Says:

    Thanks for creating this blog! This is great. It is wonderful reading through the Reformed Confessions on a daily basis and going through them systematically throughout the year.

  2. Sebastian Heck Says:

    We were so excited about this in Germany that we just had to have it in German as well… http://taeglichbekennen.wordpress.com/ 🙂

  3. RubeRad Says:

    Wunderbar! I have created a new “Deutsch” link down in the “PAGES” section. So that page names Matthias Mangold as the contact; are you and he working together?

  4. Rick Says:

    Rube, this is great. Hats off!

  5. RubeRad Says:

    Dude, you’re a little late to the party, but welcome anyways!

  6. Rick Says:

    So you’re saying that the champagne has run out?

  7. RubeRad Says:

    Here at Daily Confession, I like to think we’re more earthy, beer-drinking types. Besides, we need to give some props to the Germans. Maybe we can pop some champagne if the French show up to the party…

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