If you have any technical problems with Daily Confession (including subscription, inaccuracies, etc.), leave a comment here. (No promises when I’ll notice it though…)

13 Responses to “Help”

  1. Scott Dennis Says:


    This is not a technical question, but a couple questions related to the reading guide. I really appreciate the work you have done here.

    I am checking to see if you have the reading schedule in xls, pdf, or another format where it works with any year?

    And do you plan to post the reading schedule next year?


  2. RubeRad Says:

    Yeah, I had to go through and change the Schedule page in 2009 from 2008. The problem is, although the readings for week1, week2, week3, all stay the same, they rotate within the week, because each year’s first week starts on a different day of the week.

    This 2009 schedule would be accurate for all years if you deleted the middle column and just looked at it as 7 readings per week. Then it would be up to you to remember Children’s on Monday, Shorter on Tuesday, Belgic on Wednesday, etc. Or not.

    And yes, I do plan to keep DailyConfession going as long as I’m around. I preload a year’s worth in late Dec, and then I don’t have to touch it for a year, so it’s pretty easy.

    Thanks for reading!

    • John Rivera Says:


      In August 3, 2009 you indicated that every year you “preload a year’s worth in late Dec, and then I don’t have to touch it for a year, so it’s pretty easy.” Is this still your current practice with regards to Daily Confession, or has it gone fully automated since 2009?


      Pastor John C. Rivera

      • RubeRad Says:

        Hi, thanks for getting in touch! A few years in, made it impossible to preload a full year’s worth at a time, so I had to back that off to monthly. But I have a perl script that posts the month’s work, so it’s only about 1 minute of work a month nowadays. I don’t update the schedule page anymore (but 2012 is correct for 2017 until leap day!)

  3. John Rivera Says:

    I modified your 2012 Daily Confession reading schedule into a generic “leap year/leap day proof” schedule. With this kind of a schedule, would you be able to program a fully automated reading plan on that would require zero maintenance?

    • John Says:

      Question: Would the formatting used by require monthly maintenance or is that one fully automated? I ask because if that formatting is fully automated, you might want to consider switching. Any thoughts?

      • RubeRad Says:

        Thanks for the link, I had not seen that. That is an attractive website! Looks like he (Tim Hopper, an OPC deacon) is also using Dr Pipa’s schedule for Westminster readings, just like Daily Westminster does. I don’t know if they’re using WordPress, or if WordPress would support that kind of formatting.

        I see they also offer subscription by RSS and email. If anybody prefers that format and switches over, I would not be offended at all — whatever means is most effective at spreading the gospel and reinforcing the historic reformed confessions!

  4. Bill Burns Says:

    Do you have any information you can share about a hard copy version of this Children’s catechism? This seems to be the only place I’ve ever run across it. Thanks

  5. RubeRad Says:

    Hi there,

    Thanks for checking in.

    I am aware of two hardcopy versions of the Children’s catechism.

    This one is put out by GCP (the joint publishing arm of the OPC+PCA)

    Also cartoonist Vic Lockman has put out an edition with cartoons that comes in two booklets. They can be bought in small size (fit in a back pocket) or in full 8 1/2 x 11 booklets as a coloring book.

  6. My daily emails suddenly stopped as of Sunday. Have I accidentally been unsubscribed?

    • RubeRad Says:

      mea culpa! I forgot to upload September. I will do that tonight, and everybody should receive their backdated September posts that they missed.

      Meanwhile, Sep 1-3, 2013 were on the same days of the week as 2019, so the missing posts can be seen at these links: Sep 1, Sep 2, Sep 3

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